Global equities

Global equities

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Global Stockpicking

The Global Stockpicking strategy is a fundamental bottom-up equity product driven by selectively buying quality companies when the price is right. We have a long term thinking to guide our investments with an unconstrained approach to sector and country allocation. The performance target is 3-4% and 30-40 holdings. A long investment horizon (avg. holding period of 4 yrs.) provides a significant edge in a market increasingly dominated by short-termism.

Emerging and Frontier Markets SMID

The Emerging and Frontier Markets SMID strategy is a multi manager product consisting of a group of 10 advisory teams with local knowledge to follow investment opportunities in their respective markets. The performance target for the total strategy is 12% p.a. and 170-200 holdings divided on 10 managers.

The strategy is expected to perform over the cycles, and the investment horizon is long term. We expect circumstances where growth in domestic sectors is rapid, and when domestically orientated companies are in the investor’s favour, to benefit from our strategy. We expect our strategy to face challenges when domestic sectors of the economies are facing headwinds (for example late in the interest rate cycle and in high inflation periods) or when markets are trading very tactically driven by short term fund flows favouring large cap index names.