What we do

What we do

Danske Capital's main focus within investment management lies in our so-called in-house alpha areas. Danske Capital has decided to focus on a few dedicated areas where we have the knowledge, resources and believe we are capable of generating alpha.

Danske Capital is one of the largest asset managers in the Nordic region providing investment services to clients around the world. Danske Capital's core investment competencies and philosophy, applies in our selection of our selected external partners within all asset classes, this makes us capable of delivering global solutions to our clients. A close cooperation with world-class external partners is an integral part of Danske Capital’s Solution strategy.

Our core investment competencies and expertise

Alpha Products

- Global Equities
- European Equities
- Eastern European Equities
- Emerging Market Small & Mid Cap Equities
- Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Equities
- Global - and Emerging Market Inflation Linked Bonds
- European Corporate and High Yield Bonds
- European and EMU Government Bonds
- Emerging Market Debt HC
- Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Fixed Income
- Alternatives and Equities & Fixed Income Hedge Funds
- Tactical asset allocation
Solutions mandates/Outsourced CIO

- Relative (to benchmark) - Solution mandates
- Absolute - Solution mandates
External partners competencies and expertise

- Global Emerging Markets Equities
- Japanese, Chinese and Indian Equities
- American Equities
- Global High Yield
- Emerging Market Debt LC